Im bitter. And a bit angry.

At myself, the church, my friends, God. All for different reasons.  Why? Good question. I think thats what this blog is going to be about. Finding out who exactly God is. Is He who my parents, family and friends say He is. Is He just some other feel good thing people need to get by, or make themselves feel like they are good people? I want to know. I need to know.

So some of the posts maybe bitter or angry, sarcastic and funny who knows. May not be worded the way a good Christian man should word them. Either way, this is going to be a journey. I will try not to be offensive, but will be honest as to where I am on certain issues.

I will not be appoligetic. Again, Ill try not to be offensive, but things will be brought up. I dont want to live in a box. I dont want to be considered liberal or rebellious just because I dont see eye to eye with things. I just want to know. I want it to be real for me. Not fake, but real. Personal.


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